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NOVATERRA Project will develop new strategies in order to guarantee the remove or significantly reduction of the use of the most harmful pesticides and their negative effect in grapevines and olives cultivation.

NOVATERRA will develop a pool of novel, integrated and sustainable strategies, technically and economically viable.

The main objective is to reduce the environment contamination and the damage to organisms that aren’t object of the studies, while a better economic sustainability is achieved for the Mediterranean farmers.

Indicators for measuring the impact of crop management and protection on human health, air, water, soil, biodiversity, energy will be implemented. Further analyses will be done in terms of economic cost-benefit for farmers to adopt the different techniques and farmers and consumers’ willingness to pay.

FEUGA’s tasks within the project: Dynamization of the project in Galicia through the organization of events




5.507.110,20 €


Agriculture, plant protection, crops’ sustainability and resilience.


The consortium is made up of 19 partners from 6 countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium and Greece

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