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DATAlife is a digital innovation Hub that was designed considering the future challenges and strengths of Galicia. It is a region rich in natural resources with the opportunity to manage them in a smart, sustainable and healthy way, with an abundance of rural areas in need of business models that add value to them and with one of the longest life expectancies in the world, with the duty to guarantee quality of life for its ageing population. The project will respond to these needs by accelerating the digital transformation of Galician SMEs in the primary, biotechnology and health sectors. This will be achieved by increasing the presence in the ecosystem of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), High Performance Computing (HPC) and Cybersecurity. With the aim of creating a fair, green and healthy economy, focused on people, the environment they live in and their well-being. It will also be open for public administration and midcaps to benefit from its advances. 

 It is expected to increase the productivity of the primary sector, which is crucial for the population of rural areas, to achieve cost reductions through personalised services and optimised processes in the health sector and to maintain the growth of the biotechnology sector, which has already consolidated itself as a key sector in the region. In this way, transforming Galicia into a bioregion of reference in Europe. 

 This project has received funding from Digital Europe programme under Grant Agreement No 101083755. 

 Main tasks of FEUGA: 

  • Leaders of the training work package, which aims to increase the digital skills of professionals in the aforementioned strategic sectors, broadening their knowledge in disruptive technologies and the possibilities they offer. 
  • Support in management tasks, communication, European networking, relationship with other EDIHs, technology and knowledge transfer, business development and access to funding. 


Digital Europe Programme.




disruptive technologies, primary sector, health sciences, biotechnology, bioeconomy and circular economy.


EDIH DATAlife brings together 15 partners from the Galician innovation ecosystem: with scientific institutions, technology centres, sectoral clusters, a large telecommunications company and FEUGA. 


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