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Root2Res will deliver a package of solutions to enhance the resilience of rotational cropping system by considering relevant root traits with respect to the impact of climate change. Innovations will include phenotyping, genetic and modelling tools that will help breeders evaluate, in field and controlled conditions, novel and existing genotypes of a range of crops (Cereals, Potatoes, Legumes) as root ideotypes for different soil and climatic environments across Europe. Root2Res will also investigate the potential role of emerging crops (Sweet potato, Lentil) to enhance resilience to environmental change. The environments targeted include those predicted to suffer from the largest impact of climate change on yield in Europe. Resilience to stress will focus on greater variation in water availability (both drought and waterlogging) and interactions with other stresses (temperature, reduced nutrient availability).

The impacts of the more resilient ideotypes designed in Root2Res on the delivery of climate change mitigation outcomes (soil carbon sequestration, nutrient utilisation and greenhouse gas emission) will be assessed in field. Root2Res will integrate a strong interaction with stakeholders all through the project, particularly breeders and farmers. The ambition of Root2Res is to deliver crops adapted to changing environments and able to mitigate climate change, by utilising existing genetic diversity for breeding programs in a range of crop species essential to cropping systems and then widening understanding to crops suitable for resilient future systems. This ambition will be supported by the joined commitment of a multidisciplinary partnerships across Europe and beyond.

FEUGA is the responsible for knowledge transferring and innovation management within Root2Res, in charge of communication, stakeholder engagement and exploitation of results.


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Root2Res gathers 22 partners from 13 European, Asian and African countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom)


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