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Coordination strategies for the management and recovery of sludge and organic waste in the SUDOE region. The management of urban organic waste today presents environmental challenges to be addressed, such as minimizing landfill disposal or increasing recycling. ECOVAL proposes a new management approach based on the recovery of these wastes to obtain volatile fatty acids useful for the plastics, lubricants or agrochemical industries. ECOVAL will develop the entire value chain from waste collection to marketing of the final product, through the development of innovative biotechnological processes. The project will offer a new model of environmental management to be applied in the cities of the Sudoe region, integrating multidisciplinary aspects of legislative, economic, market, environmental or social perception. ECOVAL thus contributes to the integration of the circular bioeconomy by promoting waste reduction and environmental protection, through the conversion of a waste into a resource.

FEUGA’s tasks within the project:

  • Project communication
  • Establishment of thematic networks and communication with the environmental sector
  • Citizen awareness campaigns and guide to good practices on selective collection of organic waste
  • Transferability and replicability of the integrated urban waste management model to other areas of the SUDOE territory


Interreg Sudoe


1.479.000,00 €


Water resources, environmental services (management and protection of risks and biodiversity), biotechnology.


8 partners from Spain, France and Portugal and 29 associate partners from the same countries.

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