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The Biomasa-CAP project is the continuation and capitalisation of the results of the previous Biomasa-AP project.

Biomasa-AP was aimed at improving the capacities of R&D centres in the regions of Galicia and Northern Portugal to optimise the exploitation and use of biomass from pruning waste, scrubland, vines and kiwifruit.

The centres in the Euro-region worked together to apply innovative methods and technologies to achieve an optimised energy use of this type of biomass, which is characterised by its high availability in the region and, as a result, has a high energy and economic potential for a resource that is currently undervalued.

Biomasa CAP will develop activities to capitalise on results: expansion and strengthening of the Biomass Cross-Border Network, training and awareness-raising on the use of non-valued biomass with high potential as an energy resource, dissemination through demonstration days and masterclasses in educational centres and strengthening the process of co-creation of public policies.

Main tasks of FEUGA:

  • Dissemination and expansion of the Cross-Border Biomass Network.
  • Organisation and support for training days and informative events.
  • Organisation of a cross-border day of exchange of ideas and co-creation.


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Energy use of unvalued high potential biomass


Biomasa-CAP brings together six of the Biomasa-AP partners from Galicia and Northern Portugal; EnergyLab, FEUGA, Uvigo, INEGA, INEGI and IPVC.


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