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The overall objective of IPMWORKS is to build an EU-wide network of farmers to demonstrate and promote the adoption of Integrated Pest Management strategies (prevention, non-chemical control, best practices in order to optimize the pesticides’ efficiency, etc.). The combination of different strategies and practices promoted by the project, through knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning, aims to reduce the pesticide dependency and, thus, to reduce human and environment exposition to these products.

IPMWORKS will coordinate existing networks which are already in the field promoting advanced IPM strategies and will also launch new hubs of farms in regions or sectors where IPM pioneers are not yet engaged in a relevant network. Farmers, advisors, policy makers, consumers and other key actors in Europe will be involved in the project, showing that IPM-based strategies, adopted in real farms across a diversity of production systems, reduce the reliance on pesticides and minimise human exposure.The project will demonstrate that IPM can maintain or improve on-farm economic profitability and reduce the environmentalimpacts of agriculture.

FEUGA’s tasks within the project: Recommendations for successful exploitation of IPM networks to scale IPM adoption, Organizing demonstration event. Network building. Communication, dissemination & stakeholder engagement.




6.000.005 €


Agriculture, integrated pest management, crop resilience


31 partners,from 16 European countries: Denmark, Spain, France, Serbia, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Sweeden, Slovenia, Poland, United Kingdom, Finland, Italy and Ireland


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