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VT project

The VT (Transfer Vehicles) project tries to address, from a cross-border perspective Galicia-North of Portugal, the possibilities of the different ways of transferring knowledge from the university to the company. Contract research, transfer via licence and the creation of technology-based companies are the three key work axes of this project, which aims to explore the new possibilities offered by cooperation between the different institutions involved in the transfer processes in the Euroregion.


FEUGA’s tasks within the project:

  • Development of the R&D resources map.
  • Actions to support the commercialization of research results from the Euroregion.
  • Joint horizontal opportunities to support the creation and consolidation of Spin-Offs.
  • Mentoring and Business Development.
  • Creation of a team of innovation tutors with representatives from research centres and companies.
  • Development of two pilot experiences of technology transfer.
  • Celebration of cross-border forums/meetings.
  • General coordination, external evaluation and audit.
  • Design of the communication plan and corporate image and design and development of the website.


Interreg POCTEP


1.120.906,56 €


Cooperation and joint management for the promotion of competitiveness and the promotion of employment


5 partners from Galicia and Portugal

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