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ROADMAP will promote the transition to a more efficient use of antimicrobial agents (UMAs) in animal production, including a wide variety of contexts, through a rethinking of the decision systems for the use of antimicrobial agents along the food supply chain. Even if it is possible to learn from best practices, there is no solution from ´talla única´ to reduce the use of AMU. Still, there are several strategies applied to local circumstances, based on social, economic, technical and institutional variables. ROADMAP will develop innovative conceptual approaches under a transdisciplinary and multi-actor perspective to foster interaction and engagement between qualified animal health professionals, stakeholders and policy makers. This project will adapt, combine and produce adapted strategies to reduce the use of AMU in various production systems in Europe and low- and middle-income countries (pig, poultry, cattle and fisheries sectors).

FEUGA’s main tasks: Communication, dissemination and exploitation.

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17 partners from France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden and Spain.

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