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The main objective of SoildiverAgro is the adoption of new management practices and farming systems that improve the genetic and functional biodiversity of the soil in order to reduce the use of external inputs while increasing crop production and quality, the provision of ecosystem services and the stability and resilience of EU agriculture. To achieve this objective, 90 farming systems in 9 pedoclimatic regions in Europe will be analysed and 15 field studies designed and established in six of the pedoclimatic regions will be carried out.

Main tasks of FEUGA:

  • WP 8 – Communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement
  • Design and implementation of a multi-channel and multi-actor communication strategy.
  • Logo design and visual identity of the project.
  • General communication activities (integrated management of social networks, press releases, communication campaigns).
  • Participation of stakeholders: methodological basis for interaction and dialogue with the main stakeholders and target groups, covering the whole innovation chain, coordinating the Communities of Professionals.




Agri-food, Soil, Biodiversity


22 partners from Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Germany and Estonia

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