ITELSIS Group joins our board of trustees


The ITELSIS Group, based in Santiago de Compostela, joins our board of trustees. The company is a national and international reference in the communication technologies sector. The entry of this new member of the board of trustees was formalized in the biannual board of directors and was signed in a meeting in which the CEO of ITELSIS, Gerardo García, the President of FEUGA, the rector of the University of A Coruña, Julio Abalde, and the Managing Director of FEUGA, Javier Pereiro. “Research, development and innovation are common points of a strategic nature of both entities, which will serve to reinforce each other and which will establish positive synergies”, they stated after the meeting.

ITELSIS has been characterized since its inception in 1989 by the creation of technological value and by becoming a leading provider in the market. Its beginnings coincide with the deployment of private channels and regional radio and television channels, offering complete technological production process. Likewise, and as a result of accumulated experience, ITELSIS played a relevant role in the implementation of digital television throughout the world, participating in several international projects located in Latin America, Australia, China or Morocco.

Since its constitution, The Galician Enterprise – University Foundation (FEUGA) has had among its preferred work objectives the channeling and projection of knowledge from the university to the company. With the incorporation of ITELSIS, many of the main sectorial galician companies are part of our board of trustees, which thus shows their weight in the relationship between the university and the productive sector to channel knowledge for the benefit of the Galician business and social enviroment.