The Cámara Oficial Mineira de Galicia, new member of our board of trustees


The Cámara Oficial Mineira de Galicia joins as a new member of our Board of Trustees. An entity that brings together one of the strategic sectors of Galicia, representing the mineral resources industry (mining and related companies, spas and mineral waters, and workers) and promoting a sustainable activity, committed to the development of the social environment that guarantees the rational use of resources and respect for the environment.

We thus reinforce our collaboration, taking advantage of the synergies between both entities to deepen aspects such as innovation, training and job placement in the mining industry. One of the first actions we will carry out will be the materialization of an employment portal for the sector that will be launched by the Chamber with the aim of attracting talent. The personalized site that we developed, with direct connection to our employment portal Teujob, aims to connect supply and demand of specialized profiles, both in the university and vocational training. In addition, we will take advantage of the experience of both entities to strengthen aspects such as training, innovation and the development of new European projects with the help of more than sixty research groups from the three Galician universities. It will be announced at the presentation event of the OIPE on October 3 at the headquarters of the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN).

The entry of the new member of the board of trustees was ratified at a ceremony held at our headquarters in Santiago de Compostela, in a meeting attended by the president of the Cámara Oficial Mineira de Galicia, Juan José López Muñoz, and our general manager, Javier Pereiro. Both highlighted the possibilities opened up by the incorporation of the Cámara Oficial Mineira de Galicia to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, since positive synergies will be established that will benefit Galician society.

With the incorporation of the Cámara Oficial Mineira de Galicia, the main sectorial companies of the Community are part of our board of trustees, which thus shows its weight in the relationship between the university and the productive sector to channel knowledge for the benefit of the Galician business and social fabric.