Board and members

The Board is the body responsible for the governance, representation and administration of FEUGA.

Chairman of the Board corresponds to one of the Vice-Chaceloors of the universities, while the vice-chairmanship is reserved for a representative of the associated companies.


Antonio López Díaz



Alberto Carrillo García

Votorantim Cementos España S.A.


Manuel Fraga Iribarne

Manuel Fraga Iribarne


Founder of Partido Popular and one of the fathers of the 1978 Spanish Constitution, he was born in Vilalba in 1922. He played a very prominent role in the Spanish transition to democracy. He held the Presidency of the Xunta de Galicia between 1990 and 2005. After abandoning his responsibilities in the regional government, he was a senator representing Galicia until shortly before his death in 2012. He was named an honorary member of Feuga in 1999 in recognition to your strong support for R&D.

Dositeo Rodríguez Rodríguez

Dositeo Rodríguez Rodríguez


Born in Ribas de Sil in 1935, he was Regional Minister of the Presidency and Public Administration from 1990 to 1999, Deputy Comptroller of the Ministry of Health and Manager of the University of Santiago. He was a member of the Consello de Contas de Galicia since June 2013. He was named honorary member of Feuga for his outstanding work in the university field and for his contribution to the promotion of innovation.

Arcadio Arienza Valcarce

Arcadio Arienza Valcarce


He was born in León in 1914. He was one of the great personalities of Galician businessmen of the 20th century. With the brothers Fernández López, founder of Cementos del Noroeste, from which the industrial conglomerate Corporación Noroeste would be born. He also held management positions in Zeltia, the first large Galician pharmacist. Between 1982 and 1992 he served as Vicechairman of Feuga. After leaving the position, his contribution to the creation and development of the foundation was recognized with his appointment as honorary member.

José María Suárez Núñez

José María Suárez Núñez


Born in Santiago (1932), he was a professor of Medicine at the universities of Granada, Madrid and Compostela, the last of which also served as rector between 1978 and 1984; his impulse modernized the University of Santiago.
He excelled in his teaching and also as a researcher, so he belonged to prestigious institutes and academies. Suárez Núñez favored the creation of Feuga, of which he was its first chairman and also its first honorary member.


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The Fundación Empresa-Universidad Gallega (FEUGA) is constituted as a private, non-profit entity, of Galician, university and business interest, dedicated to the development of the economy and society of Galicia.

The foundational aims of FEUGA are financed by entities, organisms and companies that make donations to the Foundation through sponsorship and patronage actions.

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