The GREENCASTANEA project, for which FEUGA is responsible for the dissemination activities, publishes the leaflet and infographics


The first dissemination materials for GREENCASTANEA are now available, a project that seeks to improve the profitability of the traditional Galician chestnut grove through biotechnological innovation.

The traditional Galician chestnut grove is one of the most recognizable forests in Galicia: they constitute autochthonous ecosystems, enhance the traditional landscape and prevent fires. In addition, chestnut is one of the most desired delicacies at certain times of the year.

GREENCASTANEA is a pilot project whose main objective is to modernize the traditional Galician chestnut grove through biotechnological innovation. The initiative will develop a novel, efficient and sustainable system for the in vitro production of traditional Galician chestnut varieties, mycorrhized with Boletus edulis.

Thus, GREENCASTANEA seeks to improve the profitability of the traditional Galician chestnut grove by betting on myco-fruit growing and diversification. This approach will make it possible to manage an efficient, flexible and quality production of chestnuts and mushrooms, two products of great economic value. In short, take care of what is native and keep the rural environment alive.

GREENCASTANEA is, therefore, an initiative of great interest to the Galician and national forestry and mycological sector. For this reason, the dissemination activities, led by FEUGA, have a particularly relevant weight for the transfer of the generated knowledge to the sector. Within the framework of these activities, GREENCASTANEA publishes the leaflet and the infographic of the project, materials that will allow agents of the agri-food value chain and the general public to learn about the initiative.

In the case of the infographic, it collects, in a schematic and visual way, the work plan of the project. In this way, it is sought that the reader receives a global vision of the actions that will be executed in GREENCASTANEA. For its part, the leaflet deepens into the explanation of the project, describing in greater detail both the objectives and the expected results, in addition to other aspects.

It should be noted that both materials are available in Galician, Spanish and English, to maximize their geographical reach and the impact of the solutions to be developed by GREENCASTANEA. Both the infographic and the leaflet are available for download in this news.

GREENCASTANEA is funded by grants to support pilot projects, development of new products, processes and technologies in the agri-forestry scope, co-funded by the European Agricultural Fund for the Rural Development (EAFRD), in the framework of the 2014-2020 Galician Rural Development Program (RDP). Total budget: €187,774.91; total grant: €150,000.00.

The Consellería do Medio Rural is the Galician Administration authority responsible for proposing and executing the general guidelines in the rural scope and encompasses powers in agriculture, livestock, rural development, and regional planning, rural structures, agri-food, and forestry industries, mountains, and prevention and defence against forest fires.