Why FEUGA is the best agent for the dynamization of your Horizon Europe program proposals?


FEUGA Horizon Europe

We are experts in dynamizing projects that have a place in Horizon Europe, the European Union’s key funding program for research and innovation for the period 2021-2027. The main objective of this EU plan is to promote the competitiveness of all Member States through a high scientific, technological and economic and social impact of EU investments. Endowed with 95,517 million euros, it focuses on three main pillars:

Excellent Science, which seeks to boost research and the research community.

Global Challenges and Competitiveness, reinforcing technological and industrial capabilities and focusing on areas such as health, climate change, renewable energies, mobility, security, digital and materials.

Innovative Europe, working to make Europe a pioneering power in market-creating innovation and the growth of innovative SMEs.

Why FEUGA is the best agent to boost your project in Europe?

We give you three reasons:

1.           Experience and a multidisciplinary team of experts

FEUGA has a wide technical and impact in innovation actions background, thanks to a multidisciplinary team of technicians in different areas of knowledge such as engineers, mathematicians, physicists, chemists or economists, highly qualified for the technical, financial and operational negotiation at international level with first level entities. We have extensive experience promoting the participation of research groups and industry in European R&D&I projects.

2. Transversal management and collaboration with European entities

We are also experts in technology transfer at different levels: intellectual property, licensing, market analysis, business models and plans, entrepreneurship, impact indicators, communication, dissemination, multi-stakeholder ecosystems, and responsible research and innovation (citizen science actions, science in schools and public involvement). We are the only organization in Galicia with these transversal skills, that is why internationally renowned entities such as SUEZ Group, Fraunhofer, INRAE, University of Bologna or NTNU, collaborate with us.

3. Transfer, dissemination and funding services

Our European Programs and Innovation Department can help you to open opportunities that fit in Horizon Europe, achieving the impact and funding you need. We offer knowledge transfer and dissemination solutions tailored to each idea.

Trust us to boost your innovative proposal!