Why is it dangerous to receive a CV by email?


Beyond the official channels you use for your selection processes, it is very common for companies to receive daily more than one spontaneous application by other means, such as an email, a private message on social networks or even a whatsapp. The normal thing to do in these cases is to add the resume received to your database, but be careful! because you may not be complying with the regulations on the duty of information, in relation to the candidate.

How should I proceed? Here are 4 tips!

  1. Whenever you receive a CV from a new applicant, it is very important that you respond and let them know about the processing of their data, to protect their privacy. Failure to do so could result in significant penalties.
  2. A relevant factor to keep in mind if you are part of a human resources team or if you manage vacancies is that you must be aware of all the ways in which information can reach candidates, having previously designed a data collection flow.
  3. It is best to respond by clarifying who is responsible for processing the data, their means of contact and, above all, the length of time the CV will be retained in your file, which is usually no longer than two years. After that time, the content should not be updated without the prior consent of the person providing personal details.
  4. More and more companies decide to delegate their offers to job portals, so that the use of information and the protection of privacy is done through online circuits, environments in which it is mandatory to comply with current legislation and in which the entire process is traced and records are kept.

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