How to get your first job in Galicia


Every year, thousands of students in Galicia complete their vocational training or university degrees and enter the workforce. But except for the lucky few who can work in a family or friend’s business, the vast majority will have to fight in the job market for a first opportunity to showcase their talent. If you’re not sure where to start looking, this article presents several channels for finding your first job in Galicia.

  • Online job portals:

It’s undeniable that the vast majority of job searches are done online nowadays. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and bulletin boards; now everything is much more centralized on online job portals. You already know the most popular ones, but there are also portals specialized in recent graduates and first jobs, among which teujob stands out, with over 10,000 registered graduates.

  • Our internship portal, Becas FEUGA:

Many companies offer internship programs or training scholarships to gain first work experience while training in a professional field. Participating in these programs can be an excellent way to gain experience and open doors for long-term job opportunities, both within the company where they are carried out and elsewhere. In Galicia, one cannot speak of training scholarships without mentioning FEUGA and its paid internship program, which, with 40 years of history, has served as a springboard to the job market for hundreds of graduates.

  • Professional social networks:

A strong presence on social networks can also open doors to the job market. We advise you to create and keep your profile updated on LinkedIn, the quintessential professional social network through which you can join groups related to your industry, connect with colleagues and friends to stay informed about their work life, and follow local companies to be the first to learn about job opportunities.

  • Job fairs and local events:

Although digital presence is important, attendance events also remain relevant with the opportunity to speak face-to-face with potential recruiters and colleagues. Attend job fairs, business events, open talks, and conferences in Galicia. These events allow you to meet potential employers, make contacts, and learn more about labor market trends. Plus, who knows, you might be in the right place at the right time!

  • Local company websites:

Visit the websites of local companies that interest you. Many companies post their job offers directly on their websites before doing so elsewhere. If you’re not familiar with some companies in your sector, the vast majority are part of business clusters where you can see which companies are part of it.

  • Direct contact with companies:

Send resumes and cover letters directly to companies you’re interested in, even if they don’t have job openings posted. In addition to positioning yourself as the top choice for potential hidden offers, this shows initiative and interest on your part and can result in unadvertised opportunities.

  • Collaboration with universities and training centers:

Stay in touch with training centers and universities in Galicia, especially those you were once part of. Some institutions may have employment programs, job placement projects, or networking events that facilitate connections with local employers.

Remember to customize your search approach according to your industry, skills, and professional goals. Also, don’t forget to use channels specialized in first jobs, such as teujob, and consider the option of doing an internship or scholarship. The combination of various search avenues will be crucial to finding your first job in Galicia. Can we help you? Register today at and find your first job!