Looking for a job in Galicia: discover the exclusive advantages of applying to our job portal teujob


Have you just finished your studies or are you unsure about how to direct your professional career? For recent university or vocational training graduates who want to look for a job in Galicia, the choice between sending CVs on your own or using a job portal can be crucial.

Job search through specialized platforms has a number of significant advantages, take note!

  • Access to multiple offers: teujob offers you access to a wide range of job offers from different companies and industries. This makes it easy to find opportunities that match your skills and preferences.
  • Time saving: In our job portal you have the option to filter the offers in our search bar according to specific criteria, such as location, industry, qualifications, among others. This helps you save time by focusing on the opportunities that best fit your needs.
  • Facilitates the application: Most specialized platforms offer an easy and quick online application process. Simplify as much as possible your application process to our offers by sending your resume and other documents, which you will have already uploaded to your profile at the time of registration.
  • Job alerts: Receive weekly email notifications about new job offers that match your profile. Stay updated on opportunities that match your qualifications, without having to constantly check the portal.
  • Visibility to employers: Posting your resume on a job board increases your visibility to employers. They can search for profiles that match their needs and contact you directly.
  • Offer-specific information: Job portals often provide relevant information about offers, including job responsibilities, requirements and benefits. This helps you make informed decisions about job opportunities.
  • Diversity of employers: Job portals often have offers from companies of different sizes and sectors, giving you the opportunity to explore opportunities in a variety of work environments.

In our first year of life, teujob has established itself as the first Galician job portal for university and vocational training graduates of reference. We have already carried out 500 selection processes and we have 7000 companies that place their trust in our job portal when recruiting young talent.

Looking for a job in Galicia is easier with teujob.es. Register your CV now!