“Galicia 2030: Professional profiles of the future and new university qualifications and areas of specialisation” is a project carried out by FEUGA for the Regional Ministry of Culture, Education and University (Xunta de Galicia). Following a prospective analysis and study of trends that will impact on employment in Galicia in 2030, this initiative consisted of the creation of a catalogue of professional profiles for the future and a proposal of new university qualifications for Galicia. The objective is to meet the needs and demands of society and the labour market of the future and to place Galicia in a better position to tackle upcoming challenges.

The project was of a highly participatory nature, and included interviews with more than 80 experts and the participation of over 200 companies. It was based on extensive fieldwork that comprised the analysis of 97 qualifications included in the Galician University System (SUG in its Galician initials) as well as 178 international qualifications delivered at 106 universities in 25 countries.

As a result of the project, 14 new qualifications will be included in the Galician University System between 2022 and 2024.

Key activities carried out:

  • Identification and study of the principal macro-trends and global factors for change with a growing impact on the labour market in the coming years.
  • Initial diagnosis of the region’s current situation at sector level and prioritization of those socio-economic sectors with the greatest present and future capacity to drive the economy and employment.
  • Identification of the key competencies and occupations for each of the sectors identified as strategic for Galician in accordance with the KET (Key Enabling Technologies) study, namely technologies, tools or methodologies that enable the impact of trends on said sectors.
  • Drawing up of the catalogue of future professional profiles, including a justification and description of the profiles, the definition of their competencies and associated fields of knowledge.
  • Analysis of the qualifications included in the Galician University System (SUG in its Galician initials) and a comparison with the Catalogue of Future Professional Profiles.
  • Benchmark analysis of international qualifications in the case of those roles not included in the Galician University System.
  • Definition of a proposal for new qualifications for Galicia.


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