A high level training project and the first of its kind in Spain carried out with the institutional support of Galicia’s autonomous government (Xunta de Galicia). This initiative was designed specifically for researchers in order to boost competitiveness, excellence and ongoing improvements in research centres within the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

The project is divided into two training actions:

  • GESCI, targeting management profiles, seeks to drive leadership in the community’s research centre from a solid base of efficiency, responsibility and scientific excellence, as well as to consolidate strategic planning and a culture of regular scientific and institutional assessment as ongoing improvement mechanisms.
  • GOSCI, targeting technical research support profiles, aims to contribute to optimising the centres’ organisational and economic operations, as well as to support the change management necessary to secure a significant leap forward in terms of quality systems.

These actions are also complemented by an expert advisory service for each centre, tailored to speeding up individual change processes.

The project execution phase included 3 editions of both programmes, providing 653 hours of training for 145 people and achieving a mean assessment score of 8.75.

Key actions carried out:

  • Design of the training project and programme of contents
  • Execution of the training programmes: selection of teaching staff; capture of students; creation of materials; organisational management of the sessions, etc.
  • Management of activities to complement the training: drawing up of methodological and organisational guides; coordination of the post-training expert advisory service
  • Assessment of the impact of the training on participants and the institutions they belong to


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