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Modelling the efficacy of treatments against grapevine downy mildew by counting spores in the environment to minimise residues in wine

Downy mildew is one of the most dreaded diseases faced by the vine grower, as it can attack the green organs of the plant and lose an important part of the grape production. It affects leaves, young shoots, peduncles and bunches. This is an extremely serious situation in Galicia due to its humid climate.

Conventional treatment usually involves an excessive use of phytosanitary products, which implies an increase in production costs, the appearance of pest resistance and significant damage to the environment.

The objective of PLASMOWINE is the development of a decision support system that determines the optimal time for the application of treatments against grapevine downy mildew.

The optimisation of chemical control also implies a reduction of operating costs, of the risk of pathogen resistance and of the carbon footprint, as well as a better protection of the environment and human health, together with an increase in wine quality.

The system proposed by PLASMOWINE will indicate when the first treatment should be applied and when it should be renewed, considering the risk of disease as well as the actual efficacy and duration of protection for the fungicides commonly used against downy mildew.

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PLASMOWINE is funded by the grants for the implementation of operational groups of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP), 75% co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) in the framework of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) of Galicia 2014-2020. Total budget € 179,999.95 (100% subsidised).

The Consellería del Medio Rural is the body of the Galician Administration which is responsible for proposing and implementing the general guidelines in the rural area, and encompasses competences in agriculture, livestock, rural development and regional planning, rural structures, agri-food and forestry industries, forestry, prevention and defence of forest fires.


179.999,99€ - 75% FEADER




Fundación Empresa – Universidad Gallega (FEUGA)

Monet Tecnología e Innovación (entidad representante)

Viña Costeira

Universidade de Vigo (Grupo de Planta, Suelo y Aprovechamiento de subproductos)

Estación Fitopatolóxica Areeiro (Deputación de Pontevedra)

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