IPMWORKS Demo Event: A holistic look at integrated management in viticulture


The European IPMWorks project, in which we participate, is organizing a new demonstration event in collaboration with SOGRAPE. This event will provide HUB members with a valuable learning and observation opportunity in the field.

The winegrowers will have the privilege of visiting the Quinta de Azevedo vineyard, owned by SOGRAPE. This excursion will allow them to take a close look at the integrated management practices implemented in this vineyard. During this enriching experience, participants will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of pest management. In particular, during the course of the visit, they will delve into the following practices:

Cover crops (Legumes and Grasses): Vegetative covers are a sustainable approach to agriculture that involves planting a mixture of legumes and grasses in the spaces between crop rows. These plants provide multiple benefits, such as nitrogen fixation in the soil, erosion control and biodiversity enhancement.

Pheromones for grape moth control: The use of pheromones is an environmentally friendly technique for pest control. Sex pheromones are released that confuse male codling moths, reducing reproduction and crop damage without the need for toxic chemicals.

Intercepts: Intercepts are tools used in viticulture to control weed growth between vine rows. This reduces weed competition for resources and facilitates pest management.

Pest surveillance system: Through monitoring technologies, the level of pest infestation in crops can be determined. This information helps to adjust pest management strategies in an accurate and timely manner, minimizing the use of pesticides.

Biodiversity promotion: Alternate logging of slopes is a practice that promotes biodiversity around crops. By creating varied habitats, natural predators of pests are attracted and the health of the ecosystem is improved.

Specific and impermeable area for the preparation of Bordeaux mixture: This area is designed for the preparation of agricultural solutions, such as lime and sulfur mixtures. Its impermeability ensures that chemicals do not contaminate the soil and surrounding water.

Phytobac: Phytobac is a system used to collect and treat agricultural equipment wash water. Helps to avoid contamination of water and soil with residues of phytosanitary products.

Irrigation management: Measuring soil water potential is essential for efficient irrigation management. This makes it possible to determine when and how much to irrigate, avoiding water waste and optimizing crop growth.

Attendance at the event is free of charge. Those interested in participating and who are not part of the HUB, should send an attendance request by e-mail to communication@feuga.es before November 17.

Event Details:

  • Date: November 22nd
  • Time: From 14:00 to 17:30 (Portuguese time)
  • Place: Quinta de Azevedo

About Sogrape

Sogrape is a Portuguese wine company that has excelled in the production of high quality wines in Portugal and other countries. Founded in 1942, Sogrape is one of the leading wine companies in Portugal and has gained international recognition for the quality of its products.