Do you need to design R&D communication strategies and you do not know how to start?


With a proven experience of more than 39 years in the field, our Innovation and European Programs Department in FEUGA can be the Communication Manager you were looking for to help you achieve your goals and put your ideas and projects on the map. By designing a tailor-made communication and dissemination strategy, we help you identify your communication objectives, target groups, messages and the most appropiate channels to engage your target stakeholders through state-of-the-art communication plans and tools.

FEUGA provides high-quality and audience-tailored content in digital and hard-copy formats, such as brochures, posters, newsletters, infographics, publications, videos, press releases, press calls, books of style, websites, podcasts, media kits and social network management, among others. We also coordinate the production and publication of more technical and scientific materials like innovation factsheets, handbooks, training modules, technical and scientific articles, practice abstracts and demo videos. We make available our experience and professionalism to your project.

Our team of experts is currently leading the communication strategy of 10 EU projects. We pride ourselves on the more than 200 brochures and factsheets delivered and the outstanding management of social media networks, with more than 7000 overall followers. We put our experience to your service to get the media impact you need for your projects throughout our extensive and trustworthy relationship with journalists all around Europe and FEUGA´s wide international network of more than 3000 stakeholders.

How can we help you?

  1. Communication and dissemination strategies. We help you identify your objectives, target groups, messages and the most appropiate channels while delivering a successful action plan.
  2. Multi-stakeholder engagement and knowledge co-creation strategies. We design online networking and knowledge dissemination tools, such as interactive applications and ICT platforms. We make them tailored to the reality of each project, attractive and user-friendly for stakeholders.
  3. Communication materials design. Visual identities are the backbone of communication (book of style, flyers, brochures, posters, newsletters…). We ensure that your key stakeholders, potential business partners and general society know your brand and impact.
  4. Web design and social networks. We envisage, create and manage project websites and social media networks, the cornerstone of real-time communication today.
  5. Media relations at European level. Our worldwide network allows us to reach out to a large and very diverse audience. FEUGA is a member of 15 different platforms and associations at European and international level.

Do you have an innovative idea? Are you ready to boost your visibility impact and public engagement? Contact us! Find out more about our services in this catalogue!