The definitive guide to attracting talent of any generation


Surely you have had many doubts in the job search process. It is not an easy task. Increasingly, applicants are considering a variety of issues when it comes to determining their professional future. A good salary is no longer the top priority for most candidates. Especially in the case of recent graduates, who are waiting for their first job opportunity.

In an ever-changing world, and in the wake of a pandemic, job expectations, along with future prospects, have changed. After static working conditions, the new generations are facing a new working reality, which is more focused on hybrid work.


We refer to the oldest generation in the professional field, corresponding to those born between 1956 and 1964. Due to their long experience, they prioritize job security and stability, with great emphasis on obtaining a good salary. They value the vertical work model, based on hierarchy within the company and understand work as a means to prove their worth. They support community work and appreciate recognition for their dedication and effort. For all these reasons, it is quite common for them to remain permanent after acquiring their first job.


Known as the generation of change. Born between 1965 and 1980, they are the drivers of technology. Ambitious, they aspire to rise through the ranks and reach important positions within their company, as well as prioritizing stability, just like their predecessors. Conversely, they value greater job flexibility and are more active in seeking new job opportunities, as the economic and social landscape causes them to evaluate and change their career goals more frequently.


Commonly referred to as the “digital natives”. Born between 1981 and 1996, they have faced great challenges as they have experienced prosperity and the economic crisis. Better prepared than previous generations, an important segment already has a higher education degree. What they value most is a professional environment that allows them to maintain a balance between work and social life, increasing their quality of life. Critical and demanding, they are driven by professional objectives and are committed to flexibility, breaking with the traditional work model.


Recent graduates about to enter the labor market. They are those born between 1996 and 2010 and, therefore, the most prepared and educated generation. The economic slowdown and the recent global pandemic have led them to be the first to opt for hybrid work, incorporating teleworking and flexible schedules that allow them to achieve a good professional development and, in turn, maintain a good quality of life, prioritizing their mental health. Beyond salary, they are committed to environments that value them and allow them to grow professionally.

In this way, companies have also had to adapt to the latest times and ways of working, attending to the new needs of candidates, in order to attract talent and generate growth opportunities.

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