Discover the benefits of vegetative covers in the vineyard in our joint event with IPMWORKS


Once again we are collaborating with the European H2020 IPMworks project to present a new demonstration event that will address vegetation cover and the importance of maintaining a rich biological diversity in the vineyard. Under the name Vegetative covers and Biodiversity, this meeting will take place on July 27th at 10:00h in the San Cibrao Vineyard of Bodegas Viña Costeira, with a duration of 2 hours.

The conference, organized jointly with IPMworks, and with the collaboration of Syngenta and Bodegas Viña Costeira, will focus on highlighting the multiple benefits that vegetative covers and biological diversity bring to the vineyard. Galician winegrowers will have the opportunity to learn how these practices improve soil quality through the protective function, the organic matter present in the cover crops, biological activity and nutrient cycling.

During the event, the protective role that vegetative covers play in wine-growing soil against erosion and runoff, which are responsible for the loss of valuable fertile soil, will be explained. In addition, these covers fulfill other attractive functions for vine cultivation, among which are:

  • To help to a better thermoregulation of the soil.
  • Minimize water loss by evaporation.
  • Facilitate certain agricultural tasks, such as the passage of machinery, which is especially complicated in rainy conditions with bare soil.
  • Avoid compaction, since the roots of the plant cover improve water infiltration and, therefore, the availability of water for cultivation in deeper soil layers.
  • Reduce soil maintenance costs.

Attendees will also receive information on the most suitable vegetation covers to achieve these objectives and how each one influences biological diversity and the balance between pests and predators. You can consult the complete program here.

The conference will be attended by speakers Carlos Alberte, Viticulture Director at Viña Costeira, and Luis Miranda, head of Sustainable Agriculture at Syngenta Spain. Their experience and knowledge in the field of viticulture and sustainability will enrich the event and provide valuable information to attendees, who will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion at the end of the event.

The meeting is aimed at the farmers of the Viticulture Hub that we lead within the IPMworks project, as well as those close to the Costeira Winery and anyone who wants to learn about the benefits of green roofs in the vineyard. Participants will be able to apply the knowledge acquired in this day directly on their own land, improving their agricultural practices and promoting a more sustainable viticulture.

The event is free to attend. Those interested in participating and who are not part of the HUB or the winery, should send an attendance request by email to before July 27. Register now and be part of the shift towards a more sustainable and productive viticulture!