Conceived as a non-profit making entity, the creation of FEUGA in 1982 was the result of an initiative between the most important public and private stakeholders in the region. From the outset, the foundation’s best guarantee was its list of partners and sponsors: the University of Santiago, the University of A Coruña, the University of Vigo and prestigious public institutions, entities and companies in Galicia.

FEUGA’s success is a result of the precision of its initial concept. This concept, designed to promote and encourage links between the universities, enterprises and society, is still firmly in place today: acting as an agile instrument to connect the capacity of the three universities with the world of business and society at large.

FEUGA has covered a great deal of ground since its creation, which began against a difficult backdrop in which no one connected the world of academia with the world of business. It focuses on the constant renovation of methods and strategies in line with the transformation and new roles of the university system, enterprises and society, ensuring that it is capable of responding to their demands at all times. As an institution, its watchwords are values such as the promotion of technology, innovation, the multi-disciplinary and scientific know-how of universities, and the creation of wealth and social quality.



Chairmen since its constitution    

Julio E. Abalde Alonso (UDC) 2018

Salustiano Mato de la Iglesia (UV) 2014-2018

Juan Casares Long (USC) 2012-2014  

José Mª Barja Pérez (UDC) 2005-2012

Domingo Docampo Amoedo (UV) 1998-2004

José Antonio Rodríguez Vázquez (UV) 1998       

Darío Villanueva Prieto (USC) 1994-1998      

Ramón Villares Paz (USC) 1988-1994    

Carlos Pajares Vales (USC) 1984-1988

José Mª Suárez Núñez (USC) 1982-1984 

Vicechairmen since its constitution 

Miguel Francisco Rodríguez del Río (Corporación Noroeste S.A.) 2018

Fernando Merino Rodríguez (Grupo Banco Popular Español) 2017-2018

José Manuel Becerra Piñeiro (Grupo Banco Popular Español) 2014-2017

Miguel Francisco Rodríguez del Río (Votorantim España) 2013-2014

Julio César Paredes Seoane (Corporación Noroeste S.A.) 2011-2013

Emilio Santos Vilariño (Financiera Maderera S.A.) 2008-2011

Pedro Fernández Puentes (Zeltia S.A.) 1992-2008

Arcadio Arienza Valcárcel (Zeltia S.A.) 1982-1992



Fundación Empresa Universidad Gallega
Rúa Lope Gómez de Marzoa s/n
Campus Vida
15705 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
Tlf. 981 534 180. Fax 981 524 351

Sede Vigo
Área Comercial - Local A9
Campus Uni. Lagoas Marcosende
36310 Vigo (Pontevedra)
Tlf. 986 469 110. Fax 981 524 351

Sede A Coruña
Centro Universitario de Riazor
Rúa Almirante Lángara, s/n
15011 A Coruña
Tlf. 981 250 903. Fax 981 524 351